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 Audit/Compliance focused

 Regulatory or Medical Writing focused

 Technical Pharmacovigilance (PV) focused

 Acting as an Expert Witness
 Agency Guidance and Remediation
 Compliance Risk Evaluation
 Food and Supplements
 GcLP/ CLIA Clinical Laboratories
 GCP Investigator Site Audit
 GCP Phase I
 GCP Trial Master File
 GLP Animal Facility
 GLP Non-Clinical Laboratories
 GMP Biologics/Vaccine
 GMP Device Facility
 GMP Drug Facility
 GxP Computerized Systems
 GxP Document – clarify as CSR, NDA, TLFGs, Dossiers, IB
 GxP Mock Inspection
 GxP Quality Management System Gap Analysis
 GxP Training
 GxP Vendor (that is not a specified in this list)
 Independent Consulting
 ISO Implementation
 Post-Marketing Pharmacovigilance
 Pre-Marketing Pharmacovigilance
 REMS and Post-Authorization Studies Auditing
 Sponsor-level Inspections
 Agency Interactions/Meetings
 Aggregate Reporting Creation/Review
 Clinical Evaluation Report Creation/Review
 Design Dossier Creation/Review
 External Patient Materials Creation/Review
 Human Factors Engineering Creation/Review
 IND Creation/Review
 Label Creation/Review
 NDA Creation/Review
 Periodic Reporting Creation/Review
 REMS and Post-Authorization Study Creation/Review
 Risk Assessment and Management Creation/Review
 Strategic Advice and Planning
 Submission Preparation/Review
 Technical File Creation/Review
 Aggregate Safety Reporting Creation/Review
 Literature Searching
 Medical Information Computerized Systems Implementation/Review
 Post-Approval Reaction Processing/Reporting
 Pre-Approval Safety Case Processing
 PV Master File Compilation/Review
 PV Risk Management Creation/Review
 REMS and Post-Authorization Studies Creation/Review
 Signal Management and Monitoring Activities
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